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Web dev… Where’s the dev?

Nov 8, 2018

Having a website for your business nowadays is pretty important – more so than it was a decade ago.  And technology has vastly improved, internet is faster, design skills are more common… so why are website agencies still charging thousands of dollars for business websites?!

The short answer is – they are because they hope that the people they’re proposing to haven’t heard of WordPress.

The website you’re currently viewing is a WordPress site.  And it’s built using a customised version of the famous Divi theme.

Divi – in my personal opinion – is probably the best them on the market because it comes with a back-end editor and a front-end editor.  So essentially, if you don’t know anything about website development, you’re still going to be able to build an elegant webpage without using a single line of code.

With Black Friday (in the USA) only around the corner – the creators of Divi are gearing up for their biggest Black Friday Sale to date!  (they should probably rename it the “Black Friyay Sale”)
Find out more at https://www.elegantthemes.com/black-friday-2018

Get your hands on an Elegant Themes license – buy yourself a domain – give me a call on 0412 380 190.  Let’s get you a fully mobile compatible website that looks fantastic for less that $500 – including hosting.


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